This toolkit supplements the Lifting Our Sights research and has been designed to help all key stakeholders work with the research findings and apply them in different settings in order to strengthen the conversation around supporting UK veterans.

Please see below to download a PDF summary of each of the foresights contained within the final report and the transition journey, as well as workshop templates to support more focused discussions and produce outcome that explores future pathways and implications.

Lifting our Sights beyond 2030 - Stakeholder Toolkit

This toolkit supplements the Lifting Our Sights (LOS) research which investigates key trends and their potential for impact on Armed Forces leavers and their families in the future. It has been designed to assist a variety of organisations and stakeholders to work with the LOS findings, apply them in different settings and strengthen the conversation on supporting UK veterans. Whilst the focus is on what the future might look like, the whole LOS project is based upon how different that future will be to the present, on which most of our daily attention is spent.

Lifting our Sights - Foresights that will Influence Transition

Lifting our Sights - Foresight toolkit

Foresights that will Influence Transition. The Lifting Our Sights research identifies shifts that may impact the transition experience and journey. This PDF provides each of these for use in future dialogue.